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Insurance Is Not Healthcare

 (Originally published in the Senior Review January 2018 – UPDATED May 10, 2019) Better Alternatives to the Health Insurance Trap Our society has been scripted to believe “insurance is health care”. Here’s a paradigm shift – it’s not! The Insurance Option Contrary to what many politicians preach, insurance is simply one way of paying for […]

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Marijuana, Hemp & Cana Oil: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

My grandfather was a “Weed Inspector” in Illinois.  This retirement job made him little extra money. Mostly it gave him an excuse to ride his motorcycle and interact with farmers. My grandfather’s job was to find cannabis where it grew across the rural countryside and to make sure it was legally disposed of. Marijuana vs […]

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Radio Interview: Dr. Voigt Smith with Ben Armstrong of WSAU 550AM – Insurance Is Not Healthcare

  On January 8, 2018 Dr. Voigt Smith sat down in studio with radio host Ben Armstrong of WSAU 550AM in Wausau, Wisconsin to discuss how healthcare insurance does not automatically mean quality healthcare. Transcript Ben Armstrong:  Well, joining me once again is Dr. Smith of Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy, and Dr. Smith, always glad […]

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Reducing Prescription Medication Use With Physical Therapy

(Also published in the Senior Review – March 2017) Prescription medication use has continued to rise over the past decade in the United States. As a result, American culture has become more & more drugged. Mayo reports nearly 7 in 10 Americans take a prescription drug, and over half take two.  Unbelievably, 20% reportedly are […]

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