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Relief from Back Pain, Improved Strength, Weight Loss …

Regained Strength In Arm

Thanks to Dr. Smith! He helped me regain strength in my right arm that had been plaguing me for a number of years. I had been told it was tendinitis and that all I could do is live with it by other doctors.

I used the chair support to start with. It helped to loosen my middle back up. From there I used his back brace to support my middle back, and with some regular use and stretching, my neck arm and back are feeling great!

If you have been told to live with your discomfort and pain, I would highly recommend you pay Dr. Smith a visit!

– Nate W.

Muscle Knot and Back Pain Gone

I came to Dr. Voigt after having suffered a decent sized muscle knot in my back over the course of some time at work.

I was not sure as to where to go, but decided to go to Dr. Voigt after some recommendations from family and friends. I was greeted by a warm welcome upon arriving, and received the best care from the start.

The awesome thing about Dr. Voigt is that he does not look to just treat symptoms: he looks to eliminate the problem at the source. Dr. Voigt analyzed my posture while I walked, and tested my mobility/strength in not only my back, but also in my neck, shoulders, and legs in order to best understand the root cause of my pain. Dr. Voigt gave me some great stretches and exercises in order to increase the mobility and strength in my back and shoulders (aided by a nifty app he gave me on my phone) and helped me get my life back at work again after just a few visits! He also treated me with ultrasound and manual massage in order to alleviate my knot pain.

I am proud to say that I feel so much better, and would honestly recommend Dr. Voigt at Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy to anyone experiencing any muscular or skeletal pain. He gives the greatest possible care, and works hard to understand and eliminate the problem at the source.

– Tyler S.

Relief From Work-Related Back & Hip Pain

After years of performing heavy physical labor which requires lots of repetitive motion I was starting to experience chronic joint pain in my hips and lower back. After a few visits with Dr. Smith he was able to figure out what was going on.

A combination of physical therapy and home exercises using Dr. Smith’s patented Backsmith™ Selective Stabilization Support has got me feeling much better and I have the Backsmith™ Adjustable Chair Support in all my vehicles which really helps with posture and provides support where it’s needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith’s services to anyone experiencing any of these symptoms.

– Jason K.

Road Warrior Finds Relief From Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Hypertension, Headaches and More…

Relief From Low Back and Knee Pain Without Surgery or Medication

Dr. Smith is absolutely wonderful! His commitment and expertise helped me work through the low back and knee pain that I had been suffering from. I didn’t want to pursue further diagnostic testing or treatments and definitely didn’t want to rely on daily medication to mask my pain. Finding the source of my pain in order to eliminate it was what I needed and that’s what I got.

Dr. Smith was very committed and detailed as to my treatment plan and progress. He recommended specific exercises that were tailored to work on my trouble zones and provided video links so that I could watch the exercises at home. My pain was greatest while driving so I tried out the adjustable chair support, no longer have pain while I drive with that support.

I also utilize the back brace support while doing exercises and it has absolutely made a difference. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Smith, I am absolutely grateful for his help and no longer suffer from daily pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone suffering from chronic pain or injury, don’t waste your time anywhere else. Thank you again Dr. Smith! .

– Nikki W.


Neck Pain From Arthritis is Gone

Able To Drive Again Without Pain

Dr. Voigt Smith is a gifted physiotherapist with a caring heart. He is also a talented inventor of supportive equipment which I continue to make use of. He displayed detective abilities to find the source of my body’s pain, and worked to gently alleviate my disabilities along with his intuitive use of music as well.

I arrived at his office barely able to drive or do essential daily needs and with his treatments steadily had less pain and more range of motion so that in a few weeks time I was able to drive back north for 11 hours and arrive without pain!  I highly recommend  his treatments and supportive devices to assist your body and keep you comfortable

-Margaret H.
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Excruciating Pain Gone – Can Walk and Sit Again!

I can NOT say enough about Dr. Smith and how he has helped me!! In the beginning of October, I woke up one morning with severe pain in my left hip resonating down the front of my leg and seemed to pull on my kneecap.

This rendered me useless, I could not sit or walk.  I was very nervous as my daughter was getting married Oct 15 and there was no way I would be able to sit and witness this very special day.

I went to 2 different Drs in the area and basically was told nothing would help me but an injection in my back and they would not  be able to get me in until Nov 12 and sent me out the door. 

Even though I was told nothing Physical Therapy would not help, I was desperate for relief!! I made an appt with Dr. Voigt Smith. He got me in right away and worked with me for 2 hours finding the pain was due to weakness in the muscles around my spine. He also gave me a cane to help me walk because I already had missed a week and a half of work.

For the next 2 weeks, I saw him 5 or 6 times as he used ultrasound, massage and special exercises targeting the weak areas in my back. 

Voigt also gave me The Backsmith Selective Stabilization Support to wear at home. This support pushes on certain muscles in the back resulting not only feeling better but stronger! If you struggle going up and down stairs, wearing this for just a short time each day helps build up muscle and and to walk with straighter posture and not as much difficulty!

The day of my daughters wedding I still used the cane to walk, but I no longer experienced the excruciating pain. By the end of October I no longer needed the cane!! I cancelled the appt for the injections in my back and have not had pain since!

My sister also sees Voigt and we both call him Yoda,  due to his expanse knowledge of the body and how it works! I have referred quite a few of my friends to him also with great results!

He genuinely cares and listens to his patients and is humble in his knowledge with a goal of really helping everyone that comes through his door! Unfortunately, that isn’t very common to find in the medical arena these days.

For aches, pains and muscle weakness, see Dr. Smith, you won’t be sorry!!

– Renee S.

Relief from hip pain and TMJ

At the time I found Dr. Voigt Smith, I was suffering from hip pain from childbirth, bad posture and pain from TMJ.

During my first visit and assessment I was so relieved to finally meet a doctor that still had passion for helping his clients as if he was straight out of school but possessed years of knowledge and experience. I found he really listened to my needs and it was refreshing to hear a doctor suggest the use ice for pain instead of taking pills as a form of pain relief.

I always feel as if I am his only patient and not just a number like a few other clinics, I received treatment at. After my 2nd session my hip pain was gone. I was able to start a walking regimen and continue with daily tasks in comfort.

My TMJ was so bad it was causing “charlie-horse” like spasms in my face. My neck and shoulders were so tight from clenching I found that I couldn’t relax myself during the day. It caused such an issue in my neck that I kept buying pillow after pillow in hopes I could sleep through the night. I would wake up anywhere from 4-6 times a night.

For months, I had extreme pain in my face and temples, which mimicked sinus related issues. My ears had a “fullness-feeling” and I would suffer from daily headaches. Each time I would go to my primary physician my ears would be clear or they could never find a issue. I had an experience of losing hearing in one ear after a workout session which took three months to slowly came back. I started to experience “ringing”, “fullness” and “shushing” sounds on a daily basis.

That is when I started to wonder if the symptoms were related to my TMJ. The exercises and stretches Dr. Voight Smith prepared for me, helped to relieve my muscles and my hearing started to improve. It was not until I started using the Backsmith Support, that I was able to start relaxing my upper shoulders and jaw and started to have relief.

One week into using the Backsmith Support I have had minimal pain and my hearing has almost returned to normal. I can’t even begin to thank Dr. Voight Smith enough for bringing me back to the old me, or even a better me.

If you are looking for a Doctor that still has passion for his career and will take his time with you than Dr. Voight Smith is your man. When I find myself starting to get tense or clench, I just put on the Backsmith Support which he created and it helps to allow me to perform my daily routines in comfort. “

– Corrie W.


Pain relief, avoided surgery

I was scheduled to have menisci and cartilage repair in both knees before I started seeing Dr. Voigt Smith for Physical Therapy. I was amazed at the pain relief that I had after the 1st treatment.

After continuing therapy for a couple weeks, I have cancelled surgery and am starting to return to my normal activities. I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend anyone with pain to give Dr. Voigt a try!”

– Scott K


Greater strength and mobility

At 36 internally I feel healthier than I have since I was a teen, although my physical body has not bounced back like I thought it should.

I had been going to standard physical therapy for a while with improvement with range of motion with my hip but my strength and balance has not improved. I went to see Dr. Smith and literally immediately with the assistance of the LOCDPT Selective Stabilization Support my balance and strength improved!

Another amazing improvement I felt immediately was a noticeable decrease in pain in both my lower and upper back and also my sciatica. I obviously felt the difference but wanted to try it out on someone else who doesn’t have strength or pain issues to see the difference. I put it on my son and immediately the same thing, he had super strength and even said when he was walking he felt more balanced and more solid! He’s 15!

I am just at the beginning stages of this new kind of physical therapy but I am so excited already by the noticeable changes. Let’s be honest that’s what we all want to see and feel, change fast! And FREEDOM from pain. When traditional things don’t always work and don’t give improvement to your health keep looking.

Living in chronic discomfort and pain is NOT normal! You save money when you’re healthy and your body is in balance. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Smith.”

– Alicia D


Helped speed healing of knee injury

My daughter suffered a knee injury playing college basketball. The staff on campus were not able to help her improve her condition and get better so when she came home for break we took her to Dr. Smith for another opinion.

I was so impressed with how he looked at her body as a whole. As it turns out, her knee was not healing quickly because she had other issues in her back and additional areas to address. Dr. Smith is very intelligent and intuitive. He did a great job to help her recover. His services were also very affordable which was an added plus! “

– April S


Faster healing

Dr. Smith does a great job!! the Backsmith device has sped my recovery and the progress of my daughter’s recovery. I have visited Dr Smith for two different injuries and have both times have been impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail and genuine concern for his patients. Don’t even look anywhere else … go see Dr Smith! “

– Will W


Overcome knee and back pain

I highly recommend Dr. Voigt at Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy. He is helping me overcome my knee and back pain. I can finally go for walks without experiencing lower back pain. My knees don’t constantly ache at night when I’m relaxing or trying to sleep.”

– Mary D


Relief from neck pain, headaches, sleeplessness

I have severe disc and vertebrae degeneration and arthritis. For years I lived with neck pain, sleepless nights, headaches and numbness in my left foot.

Dr. Smith has through his healing hands restored a great deal of mobility in my neck. and lower back and with his stabilizing brace restored strength to the left side of my body and slowly but surely I am experiencing more feeling in my left foot.

The brace is a true miracle and provides the support that my body and my nerves need to restore my mobility and strength and feeling. It’s amazing the difference just a few minutes of stretching exercises, with the brace on, does for my overall health.

I sleep sound at night and have not had a headache in 2 months since I have been using the brace. I hope the world finds out what Dr. Smith has discovered about the human body. Thank you Dr. Smith!”

– Rick M


Relief from neck pain, bone spurs

Dr. Voigt Smith is truly a blessing to anyone that meets him. Not only due to his healing hands with therapy, but his compassion and encouragement touches lives and hearts. He has had my husband and myself as patients, and both of us have had dramatic improvements because of his work.

A few years ago, I was told by 2 Neurosurgeons to have surgery on my neck. I did not want to do that and the one Dr. said to try therapy, but it wouldn’t work. That was when I met Dr. Voigt. The first day he worked on me, I left crying not because it hurt, but because it was the first time in three months that I wasn’t in pain.

After several visits, THE PAIN WAS COMPLETELY GONE AND I DID NOT NEED SURGERY!! Think what that meant to me.  In May, my husband and I returned from Az. The next day he was in the hospital. His shoulders had given out due to bone spurs, and the fact that for 54 years he has been a paraplegic and lifted himself from the wheelchair to bed etc.

He could no longer do that and due to poor transfers, his skin broke down and was infected and open in several areas. He was in bed for 3 months before I found Dr. Voigt again and I knew he was his only hope. We had to transfer him with a Hoyer Lift and this was a man that did wheel chair marathons and never let his problems get to him. He was broken in every sense.

Dr. Voigt never let him give up and both physically and mentally brought him back to now transferring with a slide board and pushing his own chair. The corset Voigt patented has helped bring his strength back and he uses it daily. More important due to our Voigt Smith, my husband’s confidence came back.

Should you have any question, if Dr. Voigt could help you let me tell you, you will never regret it. We thank God for him and his abilities daily. “

– Lynda L


Wonderful therapist

Dr. Voigt is a wonderful manual therapist that has great patient care skills along with great patient interaction. He is a amazing addition to your community and can assist you in reaching your optimal level of health and movement.”

– Sean B


Rotator cuff tear, numbness

In October of 2013 I hurt my left shoulder at work it was determined that a had a partial tear of the rotator cuff and a slap tear in the bicep. I did therapy until Jan 20th 2014 at which time I had surgery to repair it. After surgery I went to PT and met Voigt.

I was experience numbness and tingling in left arm and the first three fingers of my left hand, Voigt ask if her could try something a little different on me, of course I agreed, after placing the back support device on me and finding the right amount of pressure on my back the numbness and tingling went away.

It was also easier to do my home exercises for my shoulder when wearing the device. While wearing the device I am able to do my exercises virtually pain free, which has help with my recovery. I have and will recommend this device to anyone that I believe it will help.”

– John L


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