Health Care Costs and the Wisconsin Workplace (Video)

The top two issues facing Wisconsin’s economy today are one, the workforce shortage and two, the high cost of health care.

“People are your workforce or your consumers, they are your taxpayers and all the data shows that we are going to have fewer of all three going forward on the workforce front. 75% of our members say they are having trouble finding workers and the consequences are significant because they can’t find the workers, they can’t bring them in, they’re going to move jobs where the workers are.” — Kurt Bauer on Captial City Sunday

“Employers, when they’re faced with higher healthcare costs, they either have two choices, they can absorb those costs and that’s less money that they have to raise wages for their employees, or they can pass those costs onto their employees and then their employees are paying more.” — Scott Manley on The Vicki McKenna Show

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce ( will continue to drive the conversation, bring together stakeholders, and work to find solutions to these major issues that are affecting everyone in Wisconsin.


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