Using Unique Innovations to Improve Walking and Exercise Tolerance

Man is distinguished from the animal world by his advanced ability to reason, problem solve and reflect on the way he (or she) thinks. Our unique ability to walk upright also sets us apart. However, with injuries, disease and aging, this becomes more of a challenge for many. Some have described walking as a controlled […]

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Little Things Contribute to Huge Pain Medication Addiction Problems

Sometimes little things in life are what have the greatest impact. For many years scientists viewed glial cells as a curious & mysterious form of packing material in our nervous system & they did not get much attention. With recent advances in digital electron microscope photography and research testing, these exceedingly small components are finally becoming […]

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What’s Different About Chronic Pain and What to Do About It!

As we continue into 2015, many will make resolutions to exercise and be more active, lose weight, and adhere to healthier lifestyles. About one in five will be dealing with chronic pain which restricts their function and tolerance for exercise (Butler D, 2003 Explain Pain). Many in this population are confused, anxious, and discouraged; most […]

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Physical Therapy

Early Intervention Therapy Significantly Reduces Health Care Costs

[need citation] Recent research shows that early-intervention physical therapy can significantly reduced health care costs, for individuals with low back pain. The research by a team headed by Dr. Julie M Fritz at the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Utah and published in the Spine Journal helps show how early intervention physical therapy […]

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