The Backsmith Adjustable Chair Support

The back support you need … right where you need it!

If you spend any time at all sitting, you soon realize just how UNsupportive most chairs are.

Office chairs, recliners, wheelchairs, rockers – even the bucket seats of your car.

You shift, you squirm, you even try jamming pillows, towels, or your coat behind your back, trying to find some relief.

Most chairs are manufactured with a “one size fits all” contour design or cushioning arrangement.  More often than not, you find that THEIR “one size” doesn’t fit YOU.

The Backsmith Adjustable Chair SupportFinally, it’s the Backsmith™ Adjustable Chair Support to the rescue!

Designed by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, the Backsmith™ Adjustable Chair Support provides firm, adjustable support for your back, and its unique hook-and-loop positioning system lets you easily place the dual support cushions right where YOU need them for optimal support, keeps the cushions in place without shifting, and still lets you easily re-position the cushions whenever you want.

Manufactured with durable materials, the Easy-Adjust fastening system lets you securely install the Backsmith Adjustable Chair Support to your favorite chair or recliner, yet easily move it from chair to chair, or even take it with you on the road.

Many users of the Backsmith Adjustable Chair Support purchase multiple units, so that they can permanently install one on each of the chairs that they spend most of their time in – their office chair, car seat, and favorite recliner – for ready support no matter where they are sitting.

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