Back Pain Management

Back pain managementDr. Smith has a strong reputation for saving individuals time, money, and misery by improving pain, strength, and self treatment potential in often less time than typically required in many traditional rehabilitation settings. You can expect high value physical therapy services!

Dr. Smith works cooperatively with other medical professionals in the Wausau area (also Weston, Schofield, Rothschild and more) to evaluate and treat pain and mobility issues using his extensive physical therapy expertise, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise tools (with extensive patient education) to meet individual patient goals.

Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy strives to go the extra mile in providing highly effective and appropriate physical therapy rehab care in a relaxed environment with a one-on-one care focus.

Most patients respond very well and significantly improve functioning through skilled evaluation, manual therapy, and limited physical therapy modalities (to calm down the nervous system), and extensive and effective patient education and progressive therapeutic exercises (to further empower the individual to adaptively recover and progress).

Take the Backsmith Challenge. If you don’t see significantly improved strength in your first treatment session, the next one is free!!

Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy’s commitment to quality movement is reflected in our motto: “Where Quality Physical Therapy Movement Produces the Best Medicine.”

To function well requires us to move well. Quality physical therapy is all about movement as well as freedom!

For some this means improving themselves as an elite athlete while for others this is being able to walk to the store, go up and down stairs, or sleep without pain.

The Backsmith Back Support Brace

To improve movement and exercise potential, Dr. Smith invented the (twice U.S. patented) Backsmith Selective Stabilization Support (link) which is a very unique and effective therapeutic exercise device which helps improve posture, motor control, pain, and exercise tolerance for many outlier patients.

This patented device has helped to reduce headache, neck, shoulder, back, hip and leg pain! These clinical tools are especially of value to many patients with chronic pain and instability and are available exclusively at Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy!

Often this clinical device allows patients to walk with more stability, significantly less pain, and with a more efficient gait pattern. Typically it helps greatly to break up cycles of restrictive pain and instability and improve weight control potential due to improved capacity for aerobic exercise!

To learn more, call Dr. Smith today for a full diagnostic appointment – (715) 298-5888