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We help active people in Central Wisconsin quickly recover from injury so they can keep playing their sport, exercising, and enjoying life!

About Our Physical Therapy Treatment At Backsmith Advanced Physical Therapy

Whether you’ve just been injured or if you’ve been in pain for years, Dr. L. Voigt Smith DPT MSPT Cert.MDT in Weston, Wisconsin can very likely help – even if you’ve tried other forms of treatment with limited or no results.

A number of things set Dr. Smith apart from most physical therapy clinics and treatment approaches in Weston, WI: full-hour sessions of one-on-one care with a kind and patient therapist, highly effective hands-on Manual Therapy techniques, and a holistic approach to treating the entire person for a more complete and lasting return to the active life you desire.

At Backsmith™ Advanced Physical Therapy you won’t be wasting time laying on heat packs at our clinic, or doing exercises you could do on your own time. You won’t be handed off to techs or assistants, and you won’t be receiving treatment from someone treating other patients at the same time.

Your care will never be influenced or compromised by just what an insurance company will pay for, and we will never tell you to “just rest and take the pain medications the doctor gave you.”

At Backsmith™ Advanced Physical Therapy, you get the full attention of a nationally-accredited and certified Physical Therapist focused on one thing: getting you back to the activities and lifestyle you deserve, without pain or limitations.

Our physical therapy success stories include patients with everything from headaches and neck pain, to bunions and ankle sprains … from knee, hip and low back pain to rotator cuff injury and tennis elbow. We’re also great at helping wrist and hand pain, and have experience treating TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) problems as well.